A Wedding at University of Michigan Rackham Building, Ann Arbor

Whisper and Adam Ann Arbor Micro Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of documenting love stories in various enchanting settings. Few have left me as captivated as a recent wedding at The Rackham Building in Ann Arbor. Join me as I share the magic, elegance, and romance that against the backdrop of this historic gem in the heart of Ann Arbor. As anyone who has had a wedding in Ann Arbor experiences, the culture is amazing.

Let me start by saying that the architecture of the Rackham Building is simply breathtaking. I was enveloped in the historic charm that permeates every inch of the venue. The red brick, adorned with ivy, stood as a testament to the building’s rich history. It provided a unique and timeless setting for the day’s festivities.

But what truly made this wedding unforgettable were the bride and groom themselves. They were the epitome of laid-back and genuinely in love. Their affection for each other was palpable, and it radiated to their families, who were all there to celebrate this union. The love that surrounded them created an atmosphere of warmth and joy, which translated beautifully in the candid shots I captured.

Photographing weddings in Ann Arbor is so amazing.

My style leans towards capturing natural and authentic moments. I believe in documenting the pure emotions and interactions between loved ones, rather than staged or posed shots. This approach allows me to capture the true essence of a wedding and create images that reflect the beauty of these relationships. There was absolutely amazing places to take photographs, as the University of Michigan’s courtyards, flowers, campus are absolutely unmatched. Ann Arbor, if you have had the pleasure of visiting ever will excite you to no end. There is such diversity, art and food culture, along with one of the top campus’s in the country.

This micro wedding also had a touch of tradition. The couple incorporated some classic wedding rituals, which added a sense of depth and meaning to the event. It was heartwarming to witness how these traditions connected the past with the present. Reminding us of the values and customs that bring families together.

In the end, what made this wedding so special was the celebration of love and the joining of two families. It was an honor for me to be a part of such a significant day, capturing these precious moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. The beauty of this occasion, both in terms of the stunning location and the genuine love shared, made it a truly memorable experience for everyone involved. I can see why any couple would want to a wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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