Ann Arbor Engagement Photography Session

Meet Alex and Johnnie, the dynamic duo who brought me to an off-road trail in charming Ann Arbor, Michigan for their Engagement Photography Session. Years back, they were the first to entrust me with capturing their moments, just as their first son was on the way. This was really my start into being a professional photography, so thank you Alex and Johnnie!

Fast forward, and we’ve added two adorable sons to the mix, multiple maternity sessions, now its time for the engagement session. Originally planned for Downtown Ann Arbor during Saint Patrick’s Day, realizing that wasn’t the best idea I put my thinking cap on. I remembered driving down a dirt path off of Ellsworth and Stone School. The view always seemed photo worthy, so we made it just that. The session unfolded against a backdrop of breathtaking purple hues during the sunset, creating a canvas for love to shine. Unlike my usual Ann Arbor engagement photography sessions, this included the couples sons. It added such a wonderful kid like nature to our session.

Now, as we eagerly approach their Eastern Detroit wedding in the crisp fall, my excitement knows no bounds. It’s not just about photos; it’s about weaving a visual tale of their journey, from the anticipation of parenthood to the joy of a growing family.

In the heart of Michigan, we’ve etched memories that speak of laughter, love, and the unique bond this family shares. Stay tuned as we venture into the next chapter, capturing the essence of Alex and Johnnie’s love story, one snapshot at a time. When your ready to capture your love story fill out a contact form <3.

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