Engagement Session at University of Michigan Museum of Art, in Ann Arbor

This engagement session at University of Michigan Museum of Art, in Ann Arbor was absolutely stunning. For this couple, the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) in Ann Arbor provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement photoshoot. With their wedding just a few months away, this couple’s love story is over two decades, making this session even more special.

The Charm of UMMA

UMMA Ann Arbor is a cultural gem, blending classic and contemporary art within its historic and modern architecture. The museum’s elegant interior, with its galleries and stunning artwork, creates a sophisticated and timeless setting for an engagement session. Its variety of spaces offers a unique mix of artistic and architectural elements that beautifully complement any love story.

Capturing Two Decades of Love

This couple’s journey together began 21 years ago. Their bond, strengthened over the years, was evident in every photograph. Their engagement session at UMMA Ann Arbor was not just a celebration of their upcoming wedding but also a tribute to their enduring love.

We started the session in the museum’s grand atrium, where the couple’s elegant attire matched the sophisticated ambiance. Their ease and comfort with each other were palpable, making it easy to capture genuine, heartfelt moments. The museum’s art collections provided a stunning backdrop, highlighting the couple’s shared appreciation for beauty and culture.

A Love Story Told Through Art

Moving through the galleries, we captured the couple amidst a variety of artworks, from classical paintings to modern installations. Each piece seemed to echo their long and storied relationship, reflecting themes of time, love, and commitment. The museum’s serene environment allowed the couple to relax and focus on each other, resulting in photos that truly encapsulate their connection


An engagement session at University of Michigan of Art, Ann Arbor offers a perfect blend of art, history, and romance. For this couple, who have been together for 21 years,the museum provided an ideal setting to celebrate their enduring love. If you’re planning an engagement session, consider UMMA Ann Arbor for a sophisticated and timeless experience that will beautifully frame your love story.

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